Buy Genuine Potassium Cyanide Liquid online – 100 ml


Buy Genuine Potassium Cyanide Liquid

Product: 100% pure Potassium Cyanide Liquid(KCN)

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Yes, the famous Potassium Cyanide Liquid(KCN) is now available. In the U.S., UK, Canada,… Free shipping



Buy Genuine Potassium Cyanide Liquid

Yes, the famous Potassium Cyanide Liquid(KCN) is now available. In the U.S., UK, Canada,… Free shipping

Potassium cyanide: what is it and how does it work?

⁠⁠Cyanides, that is, hydrocyanic acid and its salts, are far from the most powerful poisons in nature. However, they are definitely the most famous and perhaps the most used in books and movies.

Potassium cyanide: what it is and how it works?

The history of cyanides can be traced confidently almost from the first written sources that have come down to us.

The ancient Egyptians, for example, used peach pits to extract a deadly essence, which is simply called “peach” in the papyri on display at the Louvre.

Lethal Peach Synthesis

Peach, like two and a half hundred other plants, including almonds, cherries, sweet cherries, and plums, belongs to the plum genus.

The seeds of the fruits of these plants contain the substance amygdalin – a glycoside, which perfectly illustrates the concept of “lethal synthesis”.

This term is not entirely correct, it would be more correct to call the phenomenon “lethal metabolism”: in its course, a harmless (and sometimes even useful) compound is broken down into a potent poison under the action of enzymes and other substances.

In the stomach, amygdalin undergoes hydrolysis, and one molecule of glucose is split off from its molecule – prunasin is formed (some of it is contained in the seeds of berries and fruits initially).

Further, enzymatic systems (prunasin-β-glucosidase) are included in the work, which “bite off” the last remaining glucose, after which the mandelonitrile compound remains from the original molecule.

In fact, this is a meta compound that either sticks together into a single molecule, then again breaks down into components – benzaldehyde (a weak poison with a semi-lethal dose, that is, a dose that causes the death of half the members of the test group, DL50 – 1.3 g / kg of rat body weight) and hydrocyanic acid (DL50 – 3.7 mg/kg rat body weight).

It is these two substances in a pair that provide the characteristic smell of bitter almonds.

There is not a single confirmed case of death in the medical literature after eating a peach or apricot kernel, although poisoning cases have been described that required hospitalization.

And there is a fairly simple explanation for this: only raw bones are needed for the formation of poison, and you can’t eat a lot of them.

Why raw? In order for amygdalin to turn into hydrocyanic acid, enzymes are needed, and under the influence of high temperatures (sunlight, boiling, frying), they are denatured.

So compotes, jams, and “hot” bones are completely safe. Purely theoretically, poisoning with a tincture of fresh cherries or apricots is possible, since there are no denaturing factors in this case.

But there, another mechanism for neutralizing the resulting hydrocyanic acid, described at the end of the article, comes into play.


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